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After School Leaders Program


Are you 14 years old or older and going to school?

Do you like bikes?

Do you want to learn how to build and paint a custom bike for yourself?

Would you like to make money with your new skills?

Sign up for the WRENCH’s Youth Cycle Builders – After School Leaders program.



Please note space is very limited and that all successful applicants will be notified.

  All applicants who don’t make it in this round will be waitlisted for the next session in Fall 2018.



Volunteer Shop

Volunteer Orientations usually occur on the first Saturday of each month from 1-2pm, followed by Volunteer Shop from 2-4:30.

>>> Click here for calendar with upcoming dates! <<<

Come learn how you can become a part of our incredible bike-loving community!

No skills or experience required.

Volunteer Shop (2-4:30 most Saturdays) is a time for volunteers new and old to hang out and lend a hand with shop projects like:  stripping useable parts off of scrap bikes, patching  inner tubes, labelling things, sorting parts into their respective homes, general tidying and organizing, sweeping, dishes, etc…  All very important tasks that help to make the shop space as inviting as possible!

Volunteer Shop is a great time to learn new skills and get to know the lay of the land.  Want to learn a specific new skill?  Just ask!