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January 28th Workshop – Winter Repairs & Maintenance

Iced Wheel

Is your bike tired of the freeze-thaw cycle? Are your hubs making more noise than the horn and bell you normally honk and ding with? Has your bike’s colour scheme changed to a shade of bright orange-red? You might have a case of the winter blahs affecting your travel companion.

Find out how to dispel the Winter spectre that’s haunting your ride with our Winter Repair & Maintenance workshop. Join us at the WRENCH this Saturday at 12:30.

Coaster Brake Workshop – Saturday, November 19th

coaster, kick-back, skidder, etc.

What is a coaster brake? It’s that rear wheel brake that’s built into the hub, needing only to pedal backward half a crank turn to engage. Many older cruisers have them and most kids’ bikes have them, and we’re about to dive in on a pile of kids bikes at the Cycle of Giving next month.

Come on down to the WRENCH this Saturday and we’ll all learn together how to adjust, disassemble, clean, and re-assemble coaster brakes.

The workshop runs from 12:30 pm until 2:00, followed by Volunteer Shop.

Hubs Workshop – Saturday October 29th

Workshop – Saturday October 29th
12:30 PM to 2:00 PM


Learn what makes your hubs tick, snap, crackle, and jump-jive, plus all the ins and outs and dos and don’ts about hub bearings.

We’ll have hot drinks ready.

If you’d like to stick around and help out, join us for volunteer shop after the session.

The workshop is free, but please register beforehand.
To register, or to get more information about the workshop, please email info@thewrench.ca or call 204 296 3389.