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February 25-26th Workshop – Basics of Wheel Building and Repair

ancient art, or is it science?

At long last, the return of last year’s most popular workshop – Wheel Building! To better cover the topic, this workshop is being extended into a series. The first part is tailored to the very beginning steps of wheel building: theory, nomenclature, materials, measuring, and lacing. The second part covers vertical and horizontal truing, tensioning, dishing, stress relief, and finishing.

The cost for the workshop is $20, unless you bring your own wheel build materials – rim, spokes, and hub.

The first workshop runs from 12:30 to 2:00 on Saturday, February 25th.
The second workshop runs from 12:30 to 2:00* on Sunday, February 26th.
*End time subject to change, as needed

Please register by sending an email to wrenchresource@gmail.com as space is limited.



Wheel Building Workshop – January 23

Our January Workshop is Wheel Building.
January 23, Saturday, 12:30 PM.

Handbuilt wheels are much stronger and stay true much longer than factory build wheels. At this workshop, learn to build your own tough wheel! We will cover wheel anatomy and vocabulary, basic theory, lacing techniques and tensioning and truing. No experience necessary!

Build a wheel for the WRENCH or bring supplies to build your own wheel.

The workshop is free, but please register beforehand.
To register, or to get more information about the workshop or obtaining wheel building parts, please email info@thewrench.ca or call 204 296 3389.