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Youth Programming

A big part of what The WRENCH does is through formal educational programs with schools and other community organizations.


Our Earn-a-Bike programs, typically 8 weekly classes, provides the basis for individuals to become self-empowered to fix their own bikes. All the basic repair topics are covered including tires and tubes, hubs, bottom brackets, brakes, gears and more.

Longer programs may even include an introduction to safe Road Cycling to ensure kids feel safe on the city streets for their commutes in and around their neighbourhoods. Helmet fit, shoulder checking, hand signals, proximity training and more could be covered depending on available time.

Other Workshops

The WRENCH is also available for hire to provide educational sessions for your organization.
Please explore our “Fee for Service” menu to get an idea of what we can provide.

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Bicycle Recycling

The Brady Road Landfill

Since 2014 The WRENCH has been the official Stewards of the Bicycle Section at the Brady Road Landfill. Each month in the summer 100+ bikes are dropped off at the landfill. Some still good, some definitely bad, and some flat-out ugly.

On a regular basis, armed with a team of volunteers, we sort out the fresh pile of bikes. We ensure anything that can still be reused gets pulled out or if necessary placed aside in the compound.

We encourage anyone with bikes to donate to consider delivering them to us instead instead of bringing them to the landfill. This saves us a trip (and emissions) and potentially saves you money as you won’t be paying landfill dumping rates


February, 2016 The City of Winnipeg’s first 4R Depot at the Brady Road Landfill is now open.

January 2017 The City of Winnipeg’s second 4R Depot at 1120 Pacific Ave. is now open.

Many types of recyclable, repairable and reusable items like bicycles, furniture and building materials can be dropped off here at no charge without entering the Brady Road Landfill itself.

For a full list of items that can be dropped off visit the Official 4R Depot Website.

Second-hand Bicycle Sales

The WRENCH has second hand bicycles for sale. Most bicycles have been fixed up by current WRENCH staff, volunteers and participants.

We have many adult bicycles of many sizes and types. Most of what we have could be classified as a cruiser, road bike, mountain bike, and sometimes we have BMX and others such as Tricycles.

What do you need to know about buying a second hand bicycle from The WRENCH?
  • All bicycles have been either donated by someone like yourself or reclaimed from the Brady Road 4R Depot.
  • Some wheel sizes are rarer than others and likely see less of these for sale. When we do have these for sale we’ll likely chat with you to make sure you know about the size of wheels your chosen bike has.
  • We offer a general repair warranty that lasts for 3 months after purchase. Of course warranty doesn’t really cover things like flat tires or self-inflicted damages (accidents, etc).
  • We currently only accept payment via cash or cheque but are working towards accommodating those wishing to pay via credit card.
  • We’ll issue you a paper receipt that acts as a proof of purchase. You can use this in a case of needing warranty repairs or if you have other inquiries regarding the sale.

Where can I buy your second-hand Bicycles?

During the summer months (May-September), most of our bicycles for sale can be found at our LocalMotion site at the train cars near The Forks Market. More information about LocalMotion is available here.

For the rest of the riding season (October-April), our sales stock can be viewed during Public Open Shop on Thursdays from 12-5:30 PM or at Volunteer Shop Saturdays from 2-4:30 PM at Volunteer Shop. Assume we’re open unless we have announced a closure.


Purchase a WRENCH Fleet and get 5 high-end custom bicycles for your business while supporting programming for kids in need.

Each bicycle is hand built to accommodate a wide range of riders with maximum comfort, utility and style. Made with 75% recycled parts, WRENCH Fleets are the greenest bicycle fleets in Canada!

— picture of fleet bike —

Contact us via email – to find out how your organization can get it’s own WRENCH Fleet.