Cycle of Giving plans are underway! Here are some of the specifics we’ve confirmed so far, with more info to come:

1) There will be two components to this event. 

a) We will once again support satellite building/mechanics. We will deliver bikes to home and business based mechanics willing to do work off site. Deliveries will happen the week before CoG weekend on Fri. Nov 26th and Sat. Nov 27th.

b) The central hub will be located at Valour Community Centre – Clifton Site (1315 Strathcona St). We are really grateful to be supported by the Community Centre this year to do this work- and our partnership with them will extend into the new year as we offer Earn A Bike and other educational programs at Clifton rather than in our shop at 1057 Logan. 

For Cycle of Giving, the Clifton Site is really a distribution hub, rather than a worksite. We’ll run daytime hours for people doing quality control- no overnights this year. Finished bikes from mechanics will be returned to Clifton for this step from Fri. Dec 3rd – Sun. Dec 5th (or so), and then delivered to community partners. 

We have already begun transferring bikes direct from the 4R sites to Clifton for Cycle of Giving work- it’s so helpful to have that location as a storage option as we prepare! Please note that anyone on site at Clifton for any reason during Cycle of Giving will be required to be fully vaccinated and masked. 

2) Yes, we are still raising money to expand our footprint! Space is the only limiting factor for our work; and we are only experiencing increasing numbers of requests for our services. More on this soon. 

3) We’re working on a social event spin for COG (covid safe, of course), and other components, too. Stay tuned!

To volunteer/contribute, and for more details, please contact Jon Benson at Thanks so much for your support!

What is Cycle of Giving?

Cycle of Giving is symbolic of The WRENCH’s core work- salvaging bikes and parts from our local landfill and recycling sites, and putting them to the best use possible so that every Winnipegger can get around the city cheaply, while helping the planet. Hundreds of volunteers have supported Cycle of Giving over the years in a 24 hour build a thon, building bikes with recycled parts and then distributing them to partner organisations, schools, kids, and families.

Last year we also amped up the fundraising component of Cycle of Giving to launch our capital campaign- with great success! We’re really grateful to our community who continues to generously contribute to ongoing WRENCH development in so many ways. 

What’s different this year?

We made adjustments last year to be covid safe. Mechanics worked from their home shops (as well as Natural Cycle, Bikes and Beyond, and MEC!), rather than us all gathering in a central location. We’re continuing with some caution this year with a hybrid model- most of the work will happen in home shops, with Clifton as a distribution site. This will allow our shop at 1057 Logan to maintain our educational work through Earn a Bike, AfterSchool Leaders, and Velotecha.