Learn to Fix Your Bike

Public Open Shop

On most Thursdays from 12:00 PM to 5:30 PM, The WRENCH is open and ready to assist you in fixing your bicycle. (See our calendar for any closures)

Repair services are first come first serve. As you enter you’ll be met by our Greeter for the day. We’ll take down some basic information and when we’re ready for you we’ll pair you up with a mechanic to assist you with the repairs.
The shop is equipped with 8 stations for 8 bicycles to be worked on. Each stand is adjustable making all repairs convenient for your back.
In addition to the most useful tools at each station we have a whole array of special tools to be used for every little situation. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how!

Building a bicycle – CLICK HERE for more information on Building a Bike at The WRENCH !

Need a bicycle to get around town? We’re here to help–as long as you are, too.
We’ll help you get a bicycle ready to ride and you help us around the shop. No experience necessary.

Making sure a bicycle is working and safe takes time. It usually takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours to finish your bicycle. Once you’re done your bicycle gets marked as yours and awaits your triumphant finish. About 4 hours of volunteer time later and you can take it home.

In Summary:

*Please be aware that it may take more than one session to finish your bicycle and your volunteer hours. We cannot guarantee that you can take your bicycle home the first time you visit.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds

All repairs are by donation. We have a list of suggested prices for second hand parts you might need. We ask that those who can pay a reasonable amount for parts and services do so so that those who are unable to, can have access. 

Mellow Vélo

Mellow Vélo is a safe(r) space for women, trans, non-binary, two-spirit and femme-identifying individuals to access the tools, parts and knowledge needed to repair bicycles!

If you have ever felt uncomfortable, intimidated or unsafe in male-dominated bike shop spaces because of your gender identity/expression – Mellow Vélo is for YOU!

We’re open every 2nd Sunday from 2-5pm*, no appointment necessary (drop-in), no skills required.

We believe bicycles can be instruments of empowerment and freedom and that gaining knowledge of bicycle repair can have an immensely positive impact on one’s life and sense of self.

*To see which Sundays we have Mellow Velo this month, please refer to the Calendar section of this website, and/or www.facebook.com/mellowvelowpg 

Mellow Vélo Isn’t the only Women, Trans & Femme Open Shop in Winnipeg

Bike Dump Queendom – Women and Queer night. LGBTQ2SNB friendly. 6-9 PM Mondays. 631 Main St. (Entrance in parking lot)

See updates on the Facebook page
Or you can send an email to volunteer@thewrench.ca

Volunteer Shop

Most Saturdays from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM The WRENCH hosts Volunteer Shop. Volunteers of any skill level are welcome to join us with small and large projects to maintain and improve the shop.

Volunteer Shop provides an opportunity for volunteering, either to finish Bike Build volunteer hours, or to just hang out and get involved in activities.

There are always a variety of skilled and unskilled tasks to do at The WRENCH. We have a variety of volunteers with different levels of experience and all are welcome to participate. Our staff will do our best to make sure you have something to do.

Please Sign In

During Volunteer shop our staff members will remind you to Sign In. Collecting data about participation provides us with clear information we can put in Grant Proposals that ultimately provide us the funding we need to stay open. Thank you for signing in!

Volunteer Orientation

Thought about volunteering but don’t know where to start? We recommend attending one of the monthly volunteer orientations. Learn what we do, why we do it, what you can do to help, get a tour of the shop space and so much more. Orientations are scheduled at 1 PM one Saturday each month – check out the Volunteer Orientation calendar for more information.

 WRENCH @ The Forks

Noon – 6 pm Every Saturday and Sunday

Community Tune-up Stands – DIY Bike Repair by Donation

Do your tires need air? Are your gears and brakes making funny sounds? Has your chain not been oiled since last summer? Stop by the WRENCH at the Forks Community Tune-up Stands for Do-It-Yourself guided bike repairs. We provide the tools, parts and mechanics to assist you with hands-on basic bike repair and maintenance. All services and used parts offered by donation.


Each month The WRENCH hosts a free workshop open to anyone. In case of special workshops sign-up may be required, but for most you can just show up.

General workshop topics include general brakes, coaster brakes, gears, fixing flats and changing tires, bike fit, winterizing, single speeding, and others.

Some specialized workshop topics like wheel building and trailer building may require you to sign up and pay a small monetary fee in advance.

Check out the Workshop Events page for current and upcoming workshop information.

Community Bike Shops

Winnipeg has many Community Bike Shops. All are listed below along with contact info and a link to their websites if possible.

If you prefer there’s an interactive GoogleMap at the bottom of the page.

All of these Community Bicycle Shops will accept donations of bicycles, bicycle parts, and tools.
You can also drop off old bicycles to either of the City of Winnipeg’s 4R Depots at the Brady Road Landfill or 1120 Pacific Ave.

The WRENCH (that’s us!) – 1057 Logan Avenue. In the basement of the City of Winnipeg Animal Services.

The Bike Dump – 631 Main Street – Accessible through the parking lot behind the Red Road Lodge.

The South Osborne Bike Hub – 623 Kylemore Ave. – Located in the outbuilding near the baseball diamond. The SOBH closes for most of the winter starting in November.

The UWSA Bike Lab – 515 Portage Ave – Located in a pair of repurposed shipping containers, the Bike Lab is situated in the courtyard south of the University of Winnipeg library building.

The Oriole’s Bike Cage – 444 Burnell Street – Located in the West End at the Valor Community Centre. Look for the small building near the paddling pool.

The Ralph Brown Bike Tool Cupboard – 460 Andrews Street – Situated inside the Ralph Brown Community Centre, the RBBC has most basic tools and some supplies you’ll need to fix your bike. You can gain access to the Bike Cupboard any time the RBCC is open.

Sanctoral Cycle – Run by Students! Located under neath the Music Wing on the Canadian Mennonite University campus.

Coop Vélo-Cité – Dans un garage derrière 190, avenue de la Cathédrale
/ In a garage behind 190 Cathedral Avenue – Une coopérative francophone dans un garage près de l’Université Saint-Boniface. Le groupe de bicyclettes communautaires les plus récent de Winnipeg. / A Francophone cooperative in a garage near University Saint Boniface. Winnipeg’s newest friendly community bicycle group.

University of Manitoba UMCycleOpen June 23, 2017! At the intersection of the Sydney Smith and Curry Place pedways, University of Manitoba Campus.

Community Bike Shop Hours