Interested in Volunteering at The WRENCH?

There are many different ways for people of all skill levels and backgrounds to volunteer at The WRENCH (The Winnipeg Repair Education N’ Cycling Hub).  If you love bicycles (and there are about a million reasons to); The WRENCH is for you!

The Perks:

-Learn empowering and practical repair skills

-Access all the tools and parts you need to fix your bike

-Feel the satisfaction of genuinely helping those in need

-Become engaged in a diverse community

-Earn a bicycle and/or bike parts — for every hour of volunteering you earn $10 in “Bike Bucks”, which can be spent on used parts or un-repaired bicycles.  (See “Suggested Donations” sheet for pricing of parts and “Bike Build Work Trade” sheet for details on how to trade volunteer hours for a bicycle).

How To Get Startedread the info here

Volunteer Orientations

Volunteer Orientations usually occur on the first Saturday of each month from 1-2:30 or from 3-4:30, please see our Calendar for all upcoming dates and times.

>>> Click here for calendar with upcoming dates! <<<

Registration is required (max 8 participants), please email Sarah at volunteer@thewrench.ca to sign up!

Come learn how you can become a part of our incredible bike-loving community!

No skills or experience required.

Volunteer Shop

Volunteer Shop (most Saturdays from 3-5pm) is a time for volunteers to come help out with important ongoing projects around the shop like:  stripping useable parts off of scrap bikes, patching  inner tubes, labelling things, sorting parts into their respective homes, general tidying and organizing, etc.

Volunteer Shop is a great time to connect with other volunteers and staff members at the WRENCH, learn new skills and get to know the lay of the land.  Want to learn a specific new skill?  Just ask!

>>> Click here for calendar with upcoming dates! <<<

Registration is now required – please sign up by emailing Sarah at volunteer@thewrench.ca

>Note that volunteers must attend an orientation before coming to volunteer shop

Please Sign In

During Volunteer shop our staff members will remind you to Sign In. Collecting data about participation provides us with clear information we can put in Grant Proposals that ultimately provide us the funding we need to stay open. Thank you for signing in!