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Youth Programming

Youth programs are run in partnership with schools and youth service organizations and are (not offered on a drop-in basis). WRENCH programming empowers youth and other community members through opportunities that support healthy living, build community, develop valuable skills and instill confidence and self-esteem. In the process, we conserve resources by accessing and redistributing unused and unclaimed bicycles.


Over the course of 8-12 workshops or a 5 day camp, youth participants rebuild a bike from the ground up. Each Earn-a-Bike (EaB) includes a bicycle safety skills componant. By the end of the EaB each participant has a bicycle (that they built themselves), the knowledge and skills to repair and maintain it, a helmet, lock and lights.

Youth Bike Builders – After School Leaders:

Over a series of 24 workshops Youth Bike Builders (YBB) provides participants with well-rounded training for employment, covering everything from fundamental to advanced bicycle mechanics, frame painting, resume writing and road riding skills. In the process YBB participants build a bicycle to keep for themselves and one or more to sell (participants keep the revenue). Youth who successfully complete YBB are eligible for summer employment at the WRENCH.

Outreach Workshops

The WRENCH conducts off-site outreach workshops year round in partnership with schools, community centres and youth agencies. Workshops vary from public bike repair stations or road risk reduction training to bicycle art projects and instruction on specific bicycle components/systems.

Interested in programming for your school or organization? Download and fill out our Program Request Form

Please email filled out form to programs@thewrench.ca

Drop-In Workshops

Drop-in workshops are run year-round and free of charge.

Open Shop Drop-In

On Open Shop days participants drop in to fix their bike or build a bike with the assistance of WRENCH staff and volunteers. Everyone is welcome to participate. To ensure that money is not a barrier to accessing services/resources, all bicycles/parts are offered by suggested donation (sliding scale) or in exchange for volunteer time (average 4.5 hours for a bicycle).

Volunteer Shop Drop-In

On Volunteer Shop days participants build skills by stripping, recycling and sorting bicycles/parts or working on other tasks that support WRENCH programming. Once per month Volunteer Shop hours are expanded to include a volunteer orientation.

Mellow Vélo

Mellow Vélo is drop-in shop time exclusively for Women, Trans* & Femme people to come and learn/practice the empowering skill of bicycle repair.

Training the Trainers

Training the Trainers workshops increase the skill level of community bike shop volunteers. Workshops are held on and off-site. Topics are based on requests from community bike shop volunteers.

 Special Events

Cycle of Giving

This 24 hour kids’ bike building marathon brings volunteers from across the province together to build over 400 bikes in one day! The bicycles, along with helmets and handmade cards, are distributed to children in need in partnership with youth serving community organizations across the province.

Bike Distribution Events

In 2012 the WRENCH partnered with Manitoba Justice to create a bike shop for the Winding River Therapeutic Community addictions treatment program at the Headingley Correctional Centre. The WRENCH continues to support Winding River and bicycles rebuilt through the program are distributed to children in need at WRENCH distribution events.

 Community Bike Bazaars: Community Bike Bazaars are family friendly, block party style events that celebrate bicycle riding as a healthy, fun, environmentally sustainable form of transportation and recreation. The centrepiece of the Bazaar is a free kids bike swap for local families. Other activities include bike games, bike decorating, bike sales and bike repair stations.

Bike Together Winnipeg Events: Bike Together Winnipeg events are partnerships between The WRENCH and the Bike Together Winnipeg coalition. Each event is held at a Manitoba Housing complex where children are matched with rebuilt bicycles. They also receive helmets, locks, bells and lessons on how to ride their new bicycles.

 Bicycle Reuse

Each year WRENCH programming diverts tons of bicycles and bike parts from the waste stream. Individuals and organizations donate hundreds of bicycles to the WRENCH, but the majority are acquired through a partnership with the City of Winnipeg,  4R Winnipeg Depots.  If you would like to donate unwanted bicycles/parts to be used in community bike programming please take them to one of the 4R Winnipeg Depots below.

Brady 4R Winnipeg Depot 1777 Brady Road, south of the Perimeter Highway

Weekdays 8 am – 8 pm. Weekends 9 am – 5pm.

Pacific 4R Winnipeg Depot 1120 Pacific Avenue

Weekdays (except Wednesday) 10 am – 6 pm. Weekends 9 am – 5 pm.

Panet 4R Winnipeg Depot 429 Panet Road

Weekdays (except Wednesday) 10 am – 6 pm. Weekends 9 am – 5 pm.


Ready-to-Ride Bicycle Sales

Ready-to-Ride sales bikes are refurbished through the WRENCH’s UpCycle skills training program for people with barriers to employment. Revenue form Ready-to-Ride bike sales is used to support free bike programming for children and families across Winnipeg and beyond. From road bikes to mountain bikes, vintage cruisers to custom commuters our ever changing selection has a bike for all styles and needs.

Where can I buy your ready-to-ride bikes?

During the summer months (June-September), most of our bicycles for sale can be found at our WRENCH @ the Forks site – the Box cars near The Forks Market. More information about WRENCH @ the Forks is available here.

For the rest of the year, our sales stock can be viewed during Public Open Shop on Thursdays from 12-5:30 PM. More information about Thursdays Public Open Shop is available here.


Purchase a WRENCH Fleet and get high-end custom bicycles for your business while supporting programming for kids in need.

Each fleet bicycle starts as a reclaimed frame, stripped of all parts and paint, then powdercoated a colour of your choice*. You can choose handlebar style, gearing options, and installed accessories like racks and fenders.

Each bicycle is hand built to accommodate a wide range of riders with maximum comfort, utility and style. Made with 75% recycled parts, WRENCH Fleets are the greenest bicycle fleets in Canada!

ready to ride

Contact us via email – fleets@thewrench.ca to find out how your organization can get its own WRENCH Fleet.