WRENCH Summer Camp Counsellors: Job Posting

The WRENCH is hosting a free summer mechanics camp for ages 9-15 at Clifton Community Centre this summer. We are recruiting camp counsellors to run this inaugural program.

$18 hour. Full time hours from July 1-Aug 31. Contract ends Sept 15. Successful candidates will start as soon as available.

Camp will run 5 days a week, four hours a day. Counsellors are tasked with

  • Advertising the program, signing up campers, and liaising with campers and caregivers
  • Planning, preparing, and running activities
    • This includes networking with community partners to create off site events and guest-led workshops and activities
  • Teaching basic bike mechanics and safe riding
  • Ensuring a daily meal
  • Creating and maintaining a positive, safe, inclusive learning community throughout camp, and proactively supporting campers to participate in these efforts as well
  • Ensuring the Clifton shop is adequately supplied
  • Supporting campers to run regular community repair stand times outside of camp hours.
  • Running all activities safely, including ensuring covid protocols of masking and social distance.
  • Facilitating a community repair stand on site at Clifton, and supporting other CBS’s as time allows.

Successful candidates will

  • Mostly travel by bike
  • Some bike mechanic aptitude
  • Have strong experience teaching and guiding others, as well as doing organising work for groups (former camp guides, community program leads, event planners, mentors, and organisers strongly encouraged to apply).
  • Strong knowledge of Winnipeg community based resources, programs, services.
  • Ability to engage regularly in physically intense work (lifting bikes, hauling supplies by bike, guiding group bike rides, and more).
  • Have a recent first aid certificate, or be willing to take a basic first aid course.
  • Be fully vaccinated
  • Be able to clear child abuse registry and criminal record checks

The WRENCH hires towards equity! Please provide any relevant info that can support this effort.

Please provide resume and cover letter to Kate at programs@thewrench.ca by April 8.